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Christmas is the time of love. We celebrate God's love for us by sharing with our friends and families.

2015 has been a wonderful year for the Lovely family. Mary’s 2007 lung transplant has been rejecting; Once again her health was failing. The past 4 years we have watched her body get weaker and weaker. June 4, 2015 we got the long awaited call. Mary received another lifesaving lung transplant. We spent the summer and fall traveling back and forth to the hospital for tests and follow up care. The extra time we normally have to get things ready for Christmas was lost sitting on the Schuylkill. We would not change that for a thing.

We will not be doing a show this year. We will be back next year!


We have always had a large display, as a matter of fact my wife used to decorate the house both indoors and outdoors for every holiday. Every year we buy end of the season sale items and look for cute stuff throughout the year to add to our ever growing Christmas set up. In 2006 my wife's health was declining, I assumed it would be her last Christmas. So I fulfilled her dream of spending Christmas at Disney World. We always thought Disney would be done up nice. What we did not know about was something that changed our lives; Disney's Osborne Lights in Disney MGM park where they put lights on every building, every roof top, the sky, the ground, light posts and animate it all to Christmas music. I am not sure if she challenged me or if I bragged I could do that, but that night it all started. When we came back from our Christmas vacation I immediately started reading how to do Christmas light shows. That year I cheated and purchased a Mr. Christmas Show in a box. I hooked up the lights and we had our own personal show. As I learned more about what equipment to use, our creative juices went to work and our show got bigger every year.

Our Transplant Story:

In 2007 my wife was near death. Instead of looking like a healthy 47 year old woman she looked like a 90 year old in a wheel chair with an oxygen hose across her face. Her transplant story actually begins May 17, 1998. That is the day she got the call that her first husband had died at the age of 44. When she was asked if she wanted to donate his bones and tissue to people that were in need, she did not hesitate. In 2002 my wife was diagnosed with severe emphysema. In 2006 she was so bad her pulmonologist suggested she go to the University of Pennsylvania to find out what about getting a lung transplant. After a battery of tests she was put on the list to receive her "Gift of Life". She was on the list 9 months getting sicker and sicker. It was the saddest thing I ever went through, watching someone you love with all you have to love with dieing right in front of you. On July 1, 2007 just after midnight we got the call. We rushed to the hospital and 15 days later she walked out of that hospital. She no longer needed an oxygen hose, she no longer needed a wheel chair. That day another family was told one of their children was dead. That family made the courageous decision to donate his organs to others who were about to lose their battle with life. Right now there are over 112,000 people, over 1700 children waiting for an organ donation. Sadly only 14,000 people are registered organ donors. And because of the low registered organ donors 18 people lose their battle and die every day. When my wife had her transplant we became part of our local OPO "Gift of Life". We make it our job to spread the word that organ donation works. My wife would be dead, our six grandchildren would not know their "Mom-Mom". Her children would have had to bury both of their parents while they were still young.

Thank you to all of our neighbors that took the time to tell us how much you enjoyed the display! We truely appreciate your feedback!!! One of our neighbors is a contributing author for Pottstown Patch. She wrote a beautiful article about our lightshow and why we do it; lovely-lights-brighten-winter-darkness-with-goodness-of-human-spirit

Christmas is the time of giving. Don't let your family's tragedy end life, you can give another family the best gift of all just by becoming a registered organ donor. Give the Gift of Life - To find out more about being an organ donor please visit:


Understanding Donation
Gift of Life

Show History

2014 - Frozen Theme


Originally we were going to do the Polar Express theme again. After watching our granddaughter and so many other kids spinning around and singing songs from Disney’s Frozen. We decided to have a Frozen theme. This is our 3rd Disney theme. We kids seem to love magic of Disney!

  • About 40,000 total Lights
  • 25 DMX universes (13,000 channels)
  • Want to Build a Snowman
  • For the First Time in Forever
  • Let It Go
  • 10 Christmas Songs Mix

Thanks to you, Christmas 2013 we collected $4500 in donations for Help Hope Live.

2013 - Kids Christmas Party Theme

2013 - Kids Christmas Party

We had a Christmas Party in 2013. I had found this DVD back in 2011. It was high spirited fun music sung by kids of course. This year the I mad major changes to the software I used to run the lights. I started programming for the guys of LightShowPro.

  • Over 30,000 Lights
  • Over 12,000 RGB Lights
  • 160 Light-o-rama channels
  • 27 DMX universes (10,148 channels)
Additions: Our daughter-in-law painted us a new Santa’s house that is now our video screen. We added about 8,000 rgb lights. Dennis Scott – Kids Christmas Pary  
  • We need a little Christmas
  • S-N-O-W
  • Santa Claus is Coming To Town
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Counting The Days to Christmas
  • I Got a Cold For Christmas
Thanks to you, Christmas 2013 we collected $900 in donations for Help Hope Live. Our house has been touched by organ donation and we wanted to give back to the community that saved our family. At this moment, more than 105,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ. 4,000 more people are added to the national waiting list each day while 18 people die before that organ ever becomes available. Almost all of us can be an organ donor, please get the facts – www.donatelife-pa.org/

2012 - Christmas Around The World Theme

2012 - Christmas around the world The theme for 2012 was Christmas Around the World. 100% Mary’s idea. She wanted to have Christmas songs that were sung in the native language from kids around the world. We decided people might not get it. So I found a DVD from Disney that had Santa flying around the world and explaining the different traditions to Mickey and Goofy. This turned out to be one of the best years we ever did!
  • Over 30,000 Lights
  • Over 2500 RGB Lights
  • 160 Light-o-rama channels
  • 3 DMX universes (1536 channels)
Additions: We replaced the candycane projector screen with a new singing Christmas tree. The tree has 10 animated children singing the songs. The entire house has been trimmed with RBG’s controlled by 324 DMX channels. The house will look like the ones on Boathouse row. Replaced the 4 arches with new led arches that have a Chrimstas tree in the middle; each arch will be 27 DMX channels. We moved the train back out to the front yard. Music by the St. John Chidlren’s Choir  
  • Toyland
  • Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
  • A Caroling We Will Go
  • Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Here Comes Santa Claus
  • We Need A Little Christmas
  • Up On The Housetop
  • Carol Of The Bells
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • From All Of Us To All Of You
Thanks to you, Christmas 2012 we collected $950 in donations for The Gift of Life Family House. Our house has been touched by organ donation and we wanted to give back to the community that saved our family. At this moment, more than 105,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ. 4,000 more people are added to the national waiting list each day while 18 people die before that organ ever becomes available. Almost all of us can be an organ donor, please get the facts – www.donatelife-pa.org/  

2011 - Winter Wonderland Theme

2011 - Winter Wonderland

In searching for a theme I found a song from the Radio City Rocketts. They were singing Let it snow. I started looking for other songs based on snow and winter and came up with the Winter Wonderland theme. I started playing around with RGB lights. These are LED’s that can be practically any color in the spectrum. This was my first year have multiple networks (DMX and LOR).

  • Over 30,000 Lights
  • Over 1200 RGB Lights
  • 160 Light-o-rama channels
  • 217 DMX channels
Additions: We added a new candycane projector screen which displayed the video much better than through the window. We also added new RGB swag lights, new RGB Bethlehem Star. Added 9 northpole lights and green rope light to border the display from the road. Added a hand painted coro Christmas village. Added 217 DMX channels and moved the train to be under the mega tree. Music:  
  • Let it snow – Radio City Rocketts
  • Winter Wonderland – Selena
  • Snow! – Kids Christmas Party
  • Jingle Bells – Natalie Cole
  • Wizards in Winter – TSO

2010 - Disney Believe Theme

2010 - Disney Believe

After hearing a song by the name of Believe in Holiday Magic we decided to have an entire show based on Disney songs. We added more lights and had a total of 30,000. We also added more controllers which brought our count up to 10. Since we now had 160 channels, we had to buy more extension cords. We now had about 160 cords. Additions: Added video to the display. Added hand painted Disney characters, 80 more channels and more LED lights Music By Disney:

  • Believe in Holiday Magic
  • Deck the Halls
  • Here Comes Santa Claus
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

2009 - Polar Express Theme

2009 - Polar Express

This was our first big show. My neighbors were watching me put things together and wonder what the heck is he doing. On Thanksgiving night we had our first official lighting; it was exciting! The theme was Polar Express. We had about 20,000 lights and used 5 Light-o-Rama controllers. We had about 80 extension cords running all the lights. I built a train, a toy factory and went wild. Check out the video’s Music:

  • Polar Express – Sound Track
  • Hot Chocolate – Tom Hanks – Sound Track
  • Jingle Bells – Brian Setzer
  • Here Comes Santa – Muppets

2008 - No Theme

Our First Year! We had about 15,000 lights. We started out with a 4 channel Mr. Christmas on a timer. When my wife woke me up at 2am to tell me the lights were on and the music was playing. I purchased a 16 channel Light-o-Rama controller. I did away with the canned music and just had flashing lights.

Video Library

We try to take videos of our display every year. The video does not even do justice to the live show! If you get a chance we highly recommend you come see a live show; the brightness of all the lights is amazing!


For The First Time In Forever

Let It Go


I got a cold for Christmas

Rocking Reindeer


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa Claus is Coming


Winter Wonderland


Jingle Bells


Believe in Holiday Magic

Deck The Halls

Here comes Santa Claus

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree


Polar Express

Hot Chocolate

Jingle Bells

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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